Smite 10th anniversary celebrated with free rewards, Smite World Championship

Accompanying the 10th anniversary, Hi-Rez has announced the latest Smite World Championship. Few MOBAs have remained relevant over a long period of time. League of Legends and DOTA 2 have been two of the most important in the last 15 years. But, an underdog on the scene has also remained relevant. Even today, it is … Read more

Smite Pro League Season 8 starts tomorrow

If you follow esports, you’ll want to know that Smite Pro League Season 8 begins tomorrow. The new season comes with major structural changes. Every year, the SPL is where the most talented players in the world bring Titan Forge’s action-MOBA to its greatest heights as an esport. But Season 8 is different than last season in … Read more

Pittsburgh Knights win Smite Pro League World Championship

Hi-Rez Studios has announced that the Pittsburgh Knights have won the 2021 Smite Pro League World Championship. They take home a $400,000 first-place prize after a year of intense competition. This year’s Smite World Championship was held entirely online. They saw Ghost Gaming, Radiance, Pittsburgh Knights, Radiance, Renegades, and Sanguine Esports duke it. With Pittsburgh … Read more