The Cheapest Nintendo Switch Games Worth Playing

These are some of the cheapest Nintendo Switch games worth playing. Take “cheapest” with a grain of salt because some of the games on this list actually cost more than $10. I will include the best games you can buy for your Nintendo Switch that are under $20. Unfortunately, many games on the Nintendo eShop … Read more

Fan of Elden Ring? Try this free-to-play game

Are you a fan of games like Elden Ring? If so, give this free-to-play indie Souls-like game a try. The game’s name is Blood Spear and it’s a rather short game. Despite being made by a group of students, it’s quite impressive. It has gotten Overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam, and that says a lot. … Read more

Why you should play Blasphemous if you like Elden Ring

Here are some reasons why you should play the brilliant Blasphemous if you like Elden Ring. While there are very distinct differences between the two games, there are elements in Blasphemous that will appeal to Elden Ring fans. What is Blasphemous? 2019’s Blasphemous is a Souls-like Metroidvania game with a retro art style. It’s a … Read more

11 Best Lore-Rich Video Games

Talented writers of video games, novels, and really any form of entertainment can build worlds that are as wondrous as real-life. Here are the ten best lore-rich video games for you to immerse yourself in. A lot of games on this list have prequels and sequels. If you want to understand them to the fullest, … Read more

Worst Video Game Universes to Live In

Most universes in games are perilous worlds that sometimes seem uninhabitable and other times, quite nightmarish. In this list, let’s count down six of the worst video game universes to live in. This list isn’t ranked in any order. Each of these universes is horrifying in its own way. Warhammer 40k Universe Each and every … Read more

Games with philosophical themes that will make you think

Elden Ring

Philosophy is a deep and complex subject that was and is being discussed since time immemorial. It has also become a topic in popular culture, with anime like Attack on Titan and movies like Fight Club. There are a number of games that make philosophy a major topic. Here are five games with philosophical themes … Read more

Why Sekiro is the best warrior in Soulsbourne games

Here’s why Sekiro The One-Armed Wolf is the best warrior out of all protagonists in FromSoftware’s Soulsbourne games. There are multiple characteristics of Sekiro that make him a remarkable warrior: Training Discipline Focus Courage Tools and weaponry Stealth Perseverance Let’s discuss each of these aspects of him more thoroughly. Training The Great Shinobi named Owl … Read more

Ten RPGs with great combat systems

Here are ten RPGs with great combat systems, ranked in no particular order. In this list, I will focus on including more underrated and hidden gem RPGs than the most well-known and mainstream ones. Middle-earth: Shadow of War As the name implies, Shadow of War is set in Middle-earth, which is the Lord of the … Read more

Sony buys stake in Elden Ring developer From Software

PlayStation From Software

In the fight for who has more development studios, Sony gets a stake in the creators of the Soulsborne genre. Purchases, purchases, and more purchases of video game developers. Throughout 2022, the development studio market has had a lot of movement – from Microsoft buying Activision Blizzard to Embracer Group buying Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montréal, … Read more

Fan-made Bloodborne PS1 demake out now

Bloodborne PSX

A 32-bit version of FromSoftware’s popular game is available through If there is one game genre that has swept the industry over the past decade, it is without a doubt the Soulsborne games. This genre of game has had such an impact that Lilith Walther, an independent developer, has just produced one of its … Read more

Eldest Souls is also coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X

Fallen Flag Studio just announced that the boss-rush action game Eldest Souls is coming to current and last-generation platforms at launch. This is alongside the previously-announced Nintendo Switch and PC versions. In Eldest Souls, the Old Gods have broken free from imprisonment and seek vengeance on all those who defied them. The game “pairs the most intense … Read more

Sands of Aura announced for Steam Early Access

Chashu Entertainment today announced that Sands of Aura will arrive on Steam Early Access in 2021. Sands of Aura features Unreal 4 graphics, including eye-opening level design, creature modeling, and particle effects. The developer promises to deliver “the brutal difficulty of Souls-like games” along with “rewarding dungeon crawling, addictive loot progression, and hardcore real-time combat.” “Sands of Aura is a dream … Read more

Souls-like action RPG Hellpoint gets April release date

The Quebec-based indie developer Cradle Games today announced the release date for the action role-playing game Hellpoint. The Kickstarter-backed RPG is scheduled for simultaneous release across PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on April 16. In addition to Windows-based computers, it will also be available on Mac and Linux. Hellpoint is “an intense, dark sci-fi … Read more