Elite Dangerous: Odyssey release date announced

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is officially arriving on PC on May 19. PlayStation and Xbox versions will follow in fall 2021. Prospective commanders can pre-order the Elite Dangerous: Odyssey expansion for $39.99. The Deluxe Alpha expansion pack is also still available for $54.99. This includes the Odyssey expansion, access to the ongoing Alpha phase ending on April 30, and the official … Read more

Everspace out now on Google Stadia, 4K support planned in 2021

Rockfish Games brings its roguelike space shooter Everspace to Google Stadia today. At launch, Everspace is free to claim for Stadia Pro subscribers. For everyone else, the game retails for $29.99 on the Stadia store. The Encounters expansion pack is set for release at the same time as the base game for $9.99. Meanwhile, in early 2021, the … Read more

The No Man’s Sky Origins update is out today

Fans of the procedurally-generated exploration-survival game No Man’s Sky can download a new update today that adds a bunch of new content. According to our friends at Kotaku, the Origins update adds: New lighting conditions, new colors, new creatures, new weather. Planets with alien infestations. Swamps and marshlands. Massive alien buildings reaching into the sky, … Read more

No Man’s Sky Living Ship update is the first of 2020

The latest No Man’s Sky update is now live. The Living Ship update adds a new starship, new missions, and more. Last year, indie developer Hello Games released three major updates: Beyond, Synthesis, and Bytebeat. Plus, they also added PlayStation VR support in 2019. The Living Ship is the first major update of 2020. According … Read more

RymdResa Review

Imagine if you will that your home world is gone — blown to pieces by a stray asteroid. You watch in horror from a spaceship as your civilization is wiped out in a matter of seconds. How do you survive such a traumatic event, both psychologically and physically? Not very easily. The harsh environment is … Read more