EA Details Star Wars: Battlefront II’s Han Solo Season

Electronic Arts has released details for their Han Solo Season in Star Wars Battlefront II. The DLC is a nod to the upcoming movie Solo: A Star Wars Story, which is scheduled to hit theaters May 25. Star Wars Battlefront II, of course, received mediocre reviews. Many outlets criticized EA’s use of microtransactions and loot boxes to make … Read more

Limited Edition Darth Vader PS4 Console Bundles Unveiled

Sony just announced a limited edition PS4 console in two separate bundle deals that are sure to wet the pants of hardcore Star Wars fans. The Star Wars Battlefront PS4 Bundle will include a custom 500GB console with Darth Vader’s mug emblazoned across the face of the system and a Star Wars logo on the … Read more

VIDEO: Watch the First Star Wars Battlefront Trailer

Electronic Arts has released the first trailer for the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront video game reboot. The trailer features footage that claims to use the in-game engine. The Rebels are seen fighting the Empire in battles in the forests of Endor. It also features flying combat on the ice planet of Hoth. EA says that … Read more