Gears 5: Hivebusters Achievements Revealed

The Gears 5: Hivebusters expansion is out today. Achievement hunters will be happy to know that they can boost their Gamerscore with a set of new achievements. Hivebusters is set on the volcanic Galangi Islands. The expansion has you play as Lahni, Keegan, and Mac from Escape Mode. Known as the Scorpio Squad, the trio … Read more

Gears Tactics Xbox console achievements revealed

The Coalition has revealed the achievements for the console version of Gears Tactics. Gears Tactics on Xbox consoles includes 11 new achievements amounting to an extra 400 Gamerscore. That brings the total Gamerscore to 1,400. Below we have a list of the achievements, descriptions, and the number of points for each. Gears Tactics – Jacked Game … Read more

Watch the Gears Tactics launch trailer

Gears Tactics is still two weeks away from its PC release, but the launch trailer is out today. Tactics hopes to bring “fast pace, visceral action, and trademark executions of the Gears franchise” to the turn-based strategy genre. The new trailer highlights the heroes, weapons, and five unique character classes in the game. “The aggressive gameplay … Read more