Elland: The Crystal Wars Kickstarter campaign now live

If you are a fan of retro games or the Game Boy Advance, Elland: The Crystal Wars is a game to consider. The Retro Room Games, an indie game publisher, announced today that the Kickstarter campaign for Elland: The Crystal Wars is officially live. Based on a recovered game called Dune: Ornithopter Assault, Elland: The … Read more

Unreleased GBA game Dune: Ornithopter Assault is now Elland: The Crystal Wars

After its cancellation in 2002, Elland: The Crystal Wars has been on standby for almost 20 years. That is until Retro Room Games acquired the game’s license with the intention of finishing the project. After a successful Gelatinous: Humanity Lost Kickstarter campaign, indie developer Retro Room Games has announced that they have a new project … Read more

Gelatinous: Humanity Lost unlocks all Kickstarter stretch goals

Gelatinous: Humanity Lost‘s Kickstarter campaign has been a success with over $25,000 raised. We’ve been following the development of Gelatinous: Humanity Lost. Gelatinous: Humanity Lost has captured the hearts of many of our readers and vintage gaming lovers from the announcement of its Kickstarter campaign, the interview with co-creator Steven Long, and when the Kickstarter … Read more

Gelatinous: Humanity Lost Kickstarter campaign now live

Now every one interested in The Retro Room’s new game, Gelatinous: Humanity Lost, can support the project on Kickstarter. Our friends from The Retro Room and Steven Long announced today that their Kickstarter campaign for Gelatinous: Humanity Lost is now live. (Be sure to read our interview with the co-creator!) The funding campaign for their … Read more

Gelatinous: Humanity Lost is a new Game Boy game coming to Kickstarter

Following recent releases from Spacebot Interactive and Incube8, the original Nintendo Game Boy is getting a fresh physical release. The latest is called Gelatinous: Humanity Lost. There are more developers that are betting on vintage. Spacebot Interactive and Incube8 are the most active developers in retro console games, but this time they are joined by … Read more