Bethesda’s new Indiana Jones game might be revealed next year

Indiana Jones Game

We can all agree that some of the best action/adventure movies of all time are the Indiana Jones films. Even if you’re not a fan of Indiana Jones, you’ve probably seen one of Steven Spielberg’s movies. So, when it was announced that Bethesda was making a game based on them, everyone was very surprised. If … Read more

Starfield will feature AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) 2.0

AMD FidelityFX SR 2

There’s a new collaboration between AMD and Xbox to push Starfield’s graphics to the max. Starfield, Bethesda’s highly anticipated sci-fi role-playing game, will feature the veteran Bethesda Creation Engine. However, this new title will also boast AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) 2.0 technology. This has been confirmed by the company itself in a statement. It’s … Read more

Is Starfield the next No Man’s Sky?


New statements from Todd Howard about Starfield worry gamers. Bethesda’s long-awaited space role-playing game, Starfield, is becoming the star of 2023. However, it has also raised some doubts among fans. That’s especially true after Todd Howard, the game’s director and executive producer, revealed some new details. According to Howard in the podcast Kinda Funny Games, … Read more

Todd Howard says Starfield development benefited from Xbox exclusivity

Bethesda has been able to focus more on development and not on adapting the game to other platforms. Having an exclusive game on a console can be negative. The limitation of being alone in an ecosystem, the power of the consoles, the number of users, and many other factors play against it. But, in some … Read more

Starfield campaign has more than 30 hours of gameplay

In addition to a lengthy campaign, Todd Howard expects the Starfield community to work from day one on mods to increase the amount of content. Although not much was expected this year from Bethesda, leaks created hype for the summer showcase. Starfield was at the forefront of each of these leaks. And after what was … Read more

Fallout 5 coming after Elder Scrolls VI, Todd Howard confirms

Fallout 5 is coming, but fans will likely need to wait a number of years. The last game in the Fallout franchise, Fallout 76, was not well received. Regardless, it’s still receiving new content. Fans hoping for a new game just got some good news though. IGN reports: Speaking to IGN about last weekend’s Starfield gameplay reveal … Read more