Valorant mobile beta reportedly coming soon


Valorant makes a lot of noise. Although not as big as Counter-Strike, it is one of the most played FPS games, even ahead of PUBG in some markets. But other FPS titles have a clear advantage: they have a title adapted for mobile. After arriving on the Chinese market, it looks like the arrival of … Read more

8-year-old gamer joins esports team, receives $33K signing bonus

Eight-year-old Joseph Deen is about to become one of the youngest esports players in the world. Joseph, who is now known as 33 Gosu, is joining Team 33. As part of the deal, Joseph received a gaming setup worth over $5,000 and a $33,000 signing bonus. In a press release announcing the deal, the team … Read more

Riot Games plans six new Valorant heroes a year

Riot Games’ free-to-play first-person shooter Valorant is barely a month old. The company already has its sights set on new content. In a new video released on Monday, the game’s executive producer, Anna Donlon, gives fans a heads-up on what to expect. She also reflects on the game’s launch. “It was crazy shipping this game … Read more

Valorant Review: Counter-Strike meets Overwatch

Valorant has officially released. While many people jumped straight into the beta, there are plenty of other players from games such as Overwatch or CS:GO still waiting to see whether the Valorant wave dies down. For those new to Valorant, or even new to competitive first-person shooters, it’s likely that several of your friends have already … Read more

Valorant is out now on PC

A new free-to-play shooter has entered an increasingly crowded space as Riot Games’ Valorant officially launches today on PC. The five-versus-five competitive shooter was in closed beta for nearly two months. And the developers used the feedback that they received from the community to improve the game before its official release. In his hands-on preview, … Read more

Valorant closed beta: First impressions of Riot’s upcoming FPS

After nearly two months of closed beta, Valorant temporarily closed off the game on May 28. It is currently set to launch on June 2. Any attempts to log in to Valorant will hit you with an error prompt saying you are unable to access the game. And if you’ve been playing Valorant consistently over … Read more

Valorant release date revealed

Riot Games’ upcoming free-to-play shooter Valorant has an official release date. The company best known for League of Legends will release Valorant on June 2. It will be downloadable from the game’s website. According to our friends at Polygon: Valorant’s closed beta will end five days earlier, on May 28. The entire game will then go … Read more

Valorant is a new Overwatch-like shooter from League of Legends developer Riot

The League of Legends developer Riot Games today revealed a new first-person shooter called Valorant. The new FPS will have heroes and a graphics style reminiscent of Overwatch. According to Riot Games, the game will be team-based with five players going up against five opponents. We don’t yet know the platforms, but it is going … Read more