Vaporum: Lockdown steampunk prequel launches on PlayStation and Xbox consoles

Set off on this fascinating first-person real-time combat game with a secret-filled tale. Fatbot Games, a Slovakian indie studio, revealed today that Vaporum: Lockdown is now available on consoles, seven months after arriving on Nintendo Switch. This grid-based dungeon crawler RPG is heavily influenced by traditional dungeon crawler games. It is the prequel to Vaporum. … Read more

Vaporum: Lockdown launches on Nintendo Switch

Vaporum: Lockdown is now available on Nintendo Switch following a successful launch on PC, Mac, and Linux last year. Vaporum: Lockdown is a grid-based dungeon crawler in an original steampunk setting. The game draws its inspiration from classics such as Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder as well as the new Legend of Grimrock series. A … Read more