Official Xbox Magazine has shut down

The Official Xbox Magazine has been around since the launch of Microsoft’s original home console. Nearly two decades later, the magazine has closed. OXM is one of six magazines that have folded under the banner of the Future media company. All of the staff has been laid off, according to a report from Eurogamer. Future … Read more

Game Freaks 365 is moving to a 5-point review scale. Here’s why.

If you have read one of our recent reviews, you may have noticed something different: review scores are no longer out of a possible 10 points. That’s because we moved to a 5-point scale last week to coincide with our recent inclusion on OpenCritic. We figured that given that our reviews would soon be indexed … Read more

Game Informer just lost nearly half of its editorial staff to job cuts

In another round of brutal layoffs within the industry, popular long-time video game magazine Game Informer has cut its editorial staff nearly in half as parent company GameStop continues its reorganization amid falling sales and a tanking stock. Kotaku broke the news of the layoffs yesterday, noting the surprise nature and extent of the cuts: … Read more

Is there a future for video game websites?

I witnessed the gradual and then the total collapse of once-thriving gaming magazines like Electronic Gaming Monthly and GamePro. Their glossy pages and inside scoops are what got me interested in writing about video games in the first place. Sites like IGN, GameSpot, and 1Up were the direct benefactors of the shift from print to … Read more