Bethesda games will not be exclusive on Xbox, Microsoft executive says

Microsoft recently shook the game world with its acquisition of one of the world’s biggest video game companies, Bethesda. Back in September, Microsoft announced the purchase of Bethesda along with its numerous development studios and franchises. Needless to say, the news is a big deal. Plus, the takeover raised the question of what would happen … Read more

Wolfenstein: Youngblood Review Roundup

Wolfenstein: Youngblood came out yesterday on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The Wolfenstein spin-off is getting largely mixed reviews with critics and fans alike. Wolfenstein: Youngblood is the first modern co-op adventure set in the Wolfenstein universe. For some, it’s with the co-op element where the game shines the most. “This side chapter … Read more

Co-op shooter Wolfenstein: Youngblood coming July 2019

Wolfenstein: Youngblood, a co-op focused shooter, is coming to PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One this summer. According to Bethesda: Wolfenstein: Youngblood will throw you (and a friend!) back in time to 1980s Paris, fighting the Reich’s war machine as one of BJ Blazkowicz’s twin daughters, Jess or Soph. Terrorize the goose-stepping fascists with a … Read more