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Tales of Luminaria is out now on mobile

Tales of Luminaria, the newest edition of the “Tales of” series, offers an impressive story with 21 different characters available.

Bandai Namco today announced the debut of Tales of Luminaria, a new 3D anime action RPG mobile game in the Japanese company’s “Tales of” franchise that is available for smartphones.

A classic mobile game franchise is back

The “Tales of” series is a narrative of adventure, development, and ties between individuals set in a magical universe. The franchise continues to tell new stories through a range of technologies, such as home video games, apps, fan events, merchandise, and animation.

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Tales of Luminaria will be the first in the series to include ensemble settings in which all 21 unique protagonists – each with their own ideas and aspirations – meet and evolve as characters, forging friendships as they represent their own way of life.

Both “Tales of” veterans and new users will be able to experience this magical universe thanks to the game’s brand-new setting and interwoven storylines of distinct characters.

Tales of Luminaria is now available for Android and iOS devices via Google Play and the App Store.

Watch the trailer below!