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Tangram Collection launches on Android and iOS devices

Tangram Collection

Puzzle lovers have a new option on mobile as Tangram Collection just launched today for Android and iOS devices.

As we previously reported, Tangram Collection challenges you with non-traditional problem sets while also expanding your repertoire with this fresh take on the classic tangram puzzle.

A tangram is a type of puzzle that dates back to 19th-century China. These addicting puzzles require players to assemble different-shaped pieces known as tans to construct a basic image in which all parts have to be utilized and cannot overlap. Tangrams have become a worldwide hit among puzzle aficionados as a consequence of their exquisite puzzle structure.

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“It all started from an actual wooden box of tangrams. I was aware the basic puzzle existed – but one day a friend shared the ‘T’ puzzle tangrams with me, which actually had different pieces,” said Marina Makarevskaya, director and designer at Error300 Games.

“When I did some research later on, it turned out that 99% of applications that implement tangrams work with the standard pieces – while a ton of other varieties exist. So we realized that we could make a tangram game that took things up a notch by using non-standard pieces – delivering a much deeper, more engaging tangram experience.”

Tangram Collection is available on Android via Google Play and iOS via the App Store.

Watch a trailer for the game below!