TauCeti Unknown Origin demo out now; new videos show off mobile gameplay

TauCeti Unknown Origin

The studio behind Dead Effect is out with a new tech demo for an upcoming sci-fi shooter. It’s called TauCeti Unknown Origin.

Bad Fly Interactive has released the new demo as a technology benchmark containing the first two levels of the game. It is meant to demonstrate the technological capabilities of high-end smartphones. A device with at least 3GB RAM and a fast GPU is recommended in order for the game to run well.

The TauCeti Unknown Origin throws players directly into danger. Your space ship, ESS Meridian (known from Dead effect 2), has gone haywire and crashed. The escape pod saved your life and brought you safely to the surface of the planet TauCeti f, directly in a jungle full of unknown life forms.

Here’s more from developer Bad Fly Interactive:

TauCeti Unknown Origin is a beautiful but dangerous place. From thick tropical rainforests to deep canyons and dangerous marshes, it’s full of dangerous fauna and traces of ancient civilizations. Mysterious crumbling temples can offer shelter and knowledge, but they’re often full of danger. Lifeforms on the planet are not friendly and they don’t take kindly to pieces of your broken ship and a handful of human survivors.

As mobile game fans explore the exotic, rough and unexplored real-life planet TauCeti f, they will learn the ins and outs of the title’s best weapons to defeat intimidating enemies, collect loot, customize their character, and determine the early enhancements for their unique playstyle. It does not take much to fall for the immersive dangerous world that BadFly can’t wait to bring to life soon.

When it launches, TauCeti Unknown Origin will have controller support and two-player co-op. The tech demo is now available for Android and iOS via the App Store and Google Play.

Check out the TauCeti Unknown Origin gameplay trailer below!

TauCeti Cinematic Intro

Enemies Video

Weapons Video

Hovers Video

What do you think of the new videos? Is this something that you would play on your smartphone? Let us know your thoughts below!

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