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Teachers Learn How to Play Games

You would think that school would be the one place where kids wouldn’t have access to video games. Well, maybe if you snuck your Nintendo DS or PlayStation Portable in for a quick round of Mario Kart or Burnout Legends at lunch. A school in Wilmington, North Carolina purchased (with $20,000 of federal funds no less) 23 PlayStations and an assortment of educational games for third to fifth graders at Blair Elementary School.

It seems that the kids didn’t have any difficulty “learningâ€? in this class setting. It was the teachers that needed the help. According to the school’s principal, Sharon Sand, some of the teachers needed a lot of help. “They’re illiterate when it comes to this,â€? Sand said. Some teachers became so upset that they didn’t want to use them in their class anymore. Students came to the rescue though, plugging in the machines and using the software. We’ll keep you updated if the students form a union and demand salaries…

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