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Team 17 is publishing the dark fantasy strategy game Gord


Today, Team 17 scored a victory. After ongoing negotiations, the company has announced the acquisition of Gord, a single-player dark fantasy strategy game coming to PC later this year from the former developer of The Witcher 3.

For those unfamiliar with Gord, it is a video game made by Covenant.dev. Covenant.dev is a small company of 24 individuals, comprising former employees of CD Projekt Red, 11 Bit Studios, and Flying Wild Hog, who worked on games such as Frostpunk, Shadow Warrior 2, and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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Stan Just, the executive director of Team 17 and a former producer of The Witcher 3, has played a major role in the game’s acquisition. Despite the fact that this is the studio’s first game, what has already been shown by Covenant.dev has piqued Team 17’s interest. With their expertise, a successful launch of this fantasy strategy game is planned.

Live this dark fantasy strategy game

Players will command the Tribe of Dawn in the world of Gord as they attempt to construct new settlements and explore scary forbidden places while engaging with horrifying monsters and deities based on Slavic mythology.

Players will be tasked with completing tasks in order to expand tribal towns (known as “gords”) and fortify them against invaders, all while managing a populace whose personal histories, familial connections, and well-being may have a catastrophic influence on their communities’ existence.


Gord is our debut game as a studio, and we’re thrilled to have Team17 as our publishing partner,” said Stan Just, chief executive officer of Covenant.dev.

“They have an excellent global track record and have repeatedly proven that they care about smaller teams and helping them realize their vision. Gord is an unapologetically dark and sometimes quite confronting game; Team17 has been hugely supportive in helping us bring it to life and home in on what we really feel makes our world special. We look forward to sharing more soon,” he added.

Gord is set to be released in 2022. You may now add the game to your Steam wishlist on PC until the anticipated release date comes. We hope that this deal will prove advantageous to both the game’s development and the studio’s overall success.

Watch the game trailer down below!