Telltale Games Confirms Game of Thrones Season 2

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The sixth and final episode in the Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series came out this week to much anticipation from fans. It is already official that the series is coming back for a second season.

Telltale’s CEO, Kevin Bruner, confirmed the news to Hollywood Reporter during an interview discussing the episodic game series. Bruner described the process of developing the game as closer to developing a TV series than a video game. He says that their games require a large amount of pre-production work and planning with stories often existing longer on whiteboards than they do in game development.

Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series tells the story of House Forrester in the events immediately after the Red Wedding. House Forrester angles to survive after finding itself on the losing side of battle.

Telltale’s CEO said in the interview that, quote, “The questions left on the table at the conclusion of season one, who survived and who didn’t, as well as all the other choices you made play a huge role in the second season.” He added that it is important for players to be able to explore from the perspective of multiple characters, which he promises will continue into season two.

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