Temtem, a Spanish game inspired by Pokémon, announces its version 1.0


The inclusion of a new island, challenges against trainers, and many more changes are coming in Temtem 1.0

It is impossible to overstate the influence Pokémon has had on the video game industry. They have even been the main source of inspiration for many games. One of the most popular today is Palworld, a game that takes a lot from Pokémon, but its main attraction are the weapons.

But since 2020, a game developed by the Spanish studio, Crema Games, another new Pokémon-inspired title has been in the works. The version 1.0 of Temtem, a role-playing adventure game with fun mechanics, will be released in September on all platforms by Humble Games.

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A new twist on the adventure RPG genre


If we jump back in time and analyze the first videos of Temtem, we can appreciate 2 major influences: Pokémon and Animal Crossing. Even so, the influence of Pokémon is more noticeable. But, despite this, the development team of Crema Games has focused on giving a new twist to the genre and detach themselves from their influences.

Over time, Temtem has made some progress in both gameplay and graphics. These advances managed to create a large fan base that has been key in the development process of version 1.0. Thanks to user feedback, changes such as the extension of the game map, more quests, or the long-awaited challenges to achieve a higher user engagement will finally arrive to the game.

As you can read, Humble Games has released today a trailer showing the most important features that version 1.0 will have. Among them, we can appreciate the new location, Tamer’s Paradise, where players will be able to face some of the most powerful trainers in the game. In addition, a challenge system has been implemented that will bring much more action to different areas of the game.

All this accompanied by a lot of smaller changes, which will make Temtem a surprise for many players. For, little by little, the game is gaining a unique personality, something that was sorely lacking during early access. Temtem will arrive in both digital and physical form on September 6 on the Xbox X|S Series, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Don’t miss the feature trailer for Temtem version 1.0 below