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Ten best-looking outfits in Elden Ring

Prefer fashion over function in your Elden Ring playthrough? You’re not alone!

The majority of the Elden Ring community prefers to dress sharper than their swords. Here are the ten best-looking outfits in Elden Ring that offers maximum drip.

This list is ranked in no particular order.

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White Reed Set

Elden Ring White Reed Set

This might be the perfect outfit for your Samurai character. This Lamellar-plated lightweight armour set resembles certain characters from Akira Kurosawa movies. Replace the mask with the “Iron Kasa” to look like Ronin. Don’t be afraid to mix other pieces of gear to see what looks the best.

Beast Champion Set

Beast Champion Set

What’s so special about this set is the cape of the chest piece. You can alter it to obtain arguably the best-looking cape in the entire game. If you dislike the Helmet, like most players, be sure to try other headgear. For example, a Hood might work well with this.

Gelmir Knight’s Set

Gelmir Knight's Set

Out of all the other Knight armour sets, I think the Gelmir set looks the best because of its worn-out, rugged appearance. And this armour set is actually historically accurate. The small shield on the chest was used to protect medieval knights from thrust attacks when they were on horseback. The helmet clearly draws inspiration from the “Frog Mouth helm.”

Banished Knight’s Chestpiece (Unaltered)

Banished Knight's Chestpiece (Unaltered)

You may have obtained the Plate version of the Banished Knight armour, which is the altered version of this chest piece. If you’re going for a knight playthrough, this armour is perfect. Pair this with the “Greathelm” to look truly menacing.

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Tree Sentinel Set

Tree Sentinel Set

Surely, you are all too familiar with the infamous Tree Sentinel that rides menacingly on a golden steed just after you enter the Limgrave region at the game’s start. There isn’t really much to tell about this armour. You can clearly see how magnificent this golden knight’s armour looks. This set also offers good stats, so be sure to obtain this.

Night’s Cavalry Set

Night's Cavalry Set

The Night’s Cavalry enemies that roam after dusk are wearing these rugged, purely black outfits. This heavy armour set offers good defence as well. Pair this with a hood, and you’ll look like an assassin.

Kaiden’s Set

Elden Ring Kaiden's Set

Kaiden’s Armour set is very easy to get. You just have to kill Kaiden sellswords which you can find all around Limgrave and you can get this very early in the game too. This outfit looks like it suits cold weather, and the Kaiden mercenaries are from the cold, Northern regions according to Elden Ring lore.

Radahn’s Set

Radahn's Set

You can get this beautiful armour set after defeating General Radahn and talking to Enia at the Roundtable Hold. As you can see, this set features intricate craftsmanship, with its gold-plated heavyset look. It offers good defensive capabilities too.

Maliketh’s Armour

Maliketh's Armour

This set looks inspired by the manga Berserk. You can get this in the late-game areas after defeating Maliketh. This is one of the best-looking sets in the entire game and it offers decent protection as well.

Blaidd’s Set

Blaidd's Set

This heavy, rugged set’s main attraction is its woolly cape. It’s a pretty big armour set. If you don’t like the helmet, you can pair this set with the Greathelm, Banished Knight’s Unaltered Helm, and the Raging Wolf helm.

Honourable Mention: Raging Wolf Set

Raging Wolf Set

The signature armour set of Elden Ring is likely this set, because of its appearance in the trailers and the official look of the Tarnished. It’s a medium-weight armour that looks absolutely wonderful. One of the first Tarnished in the Elden Ring lore wore this set, and you can get this by progressing the Volcano Manor questline.

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