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Tencent controller patent looks like a mashup of Xbox and PlayStation

Tencent controller patent

Chinese video game giant Tencent has developed its own controller. The patented design looks like a mashup of an Xbox wireless controller and the PlayStation DualShock 4 with its trackpad.

According to Daniel Ahmad, Senior Analyst at Niko Partners:

Tencent obtained a design patent for a new video game controller today (CN306433411S), originally submitted on Nov 17, 2020. It looks like a crossover between the Xbox controller and the PlayStation controller. There is no announcement on if this will be sold / an actual product.

Is Tencent entering the console business?

What exactly does this mean? It’s possible that Tencent may be planning to jump headfirst into the console business or they’re releasing their own controller. Due to their enormous size, they would be a formidable player if they ever did release a console. But the existence of a patent alone is not a guarantee of anything.

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