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Teratopia is a new 3D action platformer


The 3D action brawler Teratopia is coming to PC and consoles this holiday season, Eastasiasoft announced today.

“Inspired by classic 3D action platformers with a naughty sense of humor to grow with the genre’s aging fans, Teratopia is a festive experience that doesn’t pull any punches,” Eastasiasoft says. “Combat and exploration take place in real-time, seamlessly incorporating strategic beat ‘em up action with accessible RPG elements.”

The game lets players take control of three Teratopians as they fight to reclaim their homeworld from alien invaders. You’ll use their unique skills to traverse thirteen different landscapes. Each is overrun with obnoxious enemy hordes, filled with deadly traps, and boss fights.

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Teratopia launches on PC via Steam, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch this holiday. We’ll have more details on the game, including a firm release date, as we get closer to launch!

Watch a trailer for the game below!