The Cuphead Show
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The 2nd season of The Cuphead Show has been confirmed

The Cuphead Show

The adventures of Cuphead and Mugman will continue this summer with one more season.

The developer of the video game Cuphead, Studio MDHR, revealed today through Twitter that the second season of The Cuphead Show, a Netflix series based on the critically acclaimed game, will premiere this summer.

A Netflix show that has been very well received by the public.

The Cuphead Show, with its 1930s-inspired animation and clear nods to Disney and other old short films, has done wonders on the platform. The plot was kind of mediocre, and the connections to the MDHR Studio video game were limited to the deployment of characters and development of the universe introduced in the 2017 boss rush.

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However, with Season 2, there is the prospect of broadening the protagonists’ arcs and delving more into Ms. Chalice, who will also be a playable character in the upcoming Cuphead DLC.

There is no precise release date on the platform, and it has simply been said that we will be able to enjoy new chapters of The Cuphead Show during the summer, although we are most likely talking about July or August given that season 1 is still relatively new.

Watch the trailer of The Cuphead Show down below.