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The Batman is back with a new trailer featuring Catwoman

The Batman: The Bat and The Cat

Hype for the anticipated Batman film starring Robert Pattinson is growing like crazy after this trailer.

Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Comics have released a new trailer for The Batman. The new trailer is titled The Bat and The Cat. It features Gotham’s dark knight who returns with a thirst for justice, starring Robert Pattinson, and this time he won’t be alone, as the beautiful Zo Kravitz joins the action donning the leather and latex skintight suit of Catwoman.

The Batman: The Bat and The Cat

Enigma is Batman’s major antagonist. Based on what has been seen so far, we may deduce that he has ties to the Wayne family and that his ultimate purpose is to destroy Gotham. He has a massive army of supporters who are willing to die for the cause in order to accomplish this. Although, at least initially, he only wants to attract the hero’s attention, which is why he is murdering wealthy individuals in the city and leaving puzzles that no one else can answer.

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Furthermore, it is evident that the protagonist’s connection with Catwoman is the focus of this trailer for The Batman. They’ve managed to portray that genuine love/hate relationship that we enjoy in comic books, especially when their hidden identities aren’t yet revealed.

The Batman will be released on March 4, 2022.

Watch the new trailer down below!