The Best Automatic Weapons in Fallout New Vegas

These are the Best Automatic Weapons in Fallout New Vegas to tear through your enemies with their high fire rate. With the right perks, you can build a character that will be more powerful than the best NCR Ranger in the Mojave Wasteland. Let’s discuss a build in a future article. For now, here are The Best Automatic Weapons you can get in Fallout New Vegas, including their locations.

Also, keep in mind that there is not a lot in the way of Automatic weapons in Fallout New Vegas, unfortunately. So, this list will be a relatively short one.

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Another disclaimer: I will not include Miniguns in this list because that’s the most obvious high-powered automatic weapon in the game. Neither its unique variant CZ6Z Avenger (which is a monster of a gun) will be included.

Assault Carbine Rifle (Gun Runners’ Arsenal)

The Best Automatic Weapons in Fallout New Vegas

The Assault Carbine Rifle is available in the base game, but a much better variant is available for sale at the Gun Runners’ Arsenal Vendortron. This firearm is one of the most accurate and fast-firing automatic rifles in the entire game. There are three different attachments for this weapon, including Extended Magazine, Forged Receiver and Light Bolt. Respectively, these modifications extend the limit of your ammunition by 6 (Giving you 30 ammo per magazine. Without upgrades, the gun’s magazine can hold 24 rounds), increases the weapon’s condition by 33% and increases the rate of fire by 30%. You can choose two attachments for your gun.

Bozar (Gun Runners’ Arsenal)

The Best Automatic Weapons in Fallout New Vegas

This is a very unusual gun. At a glance, you might think that it’s a sniper rifle. That’s partially true, as this beast of a gun is a Light Machine Gun and a Sniper combined. It has a high-powered scope and great range, along with fast, fully automatic firing. When you fight against enemies like Deathclaws, this gun is invaluable. Like the Assault Carbine, you can buy this gun at the Gun Runners’ Arsenal Vendortron. While the Damage of this gun is slightly lower than that of its common counterpart, the Light Machine Gun, the rate of fire is much higher, meaning more Damage Per Second. As with all other unique weapons, you can’t attach any modifications to this gun. But you won’t need any.

Vance’s 9mm submachine gun

The Best Automatic Weapons in Fallout New Vegas
Location of the Wins Hideout.

This is another unique weapon with a beautiful design and good stats. In order to get this, you must go to the Wins Hideout where the Wins reside, thus the name of the hideout. This gun is in a safe with a Very Hard lock which requires 100 Lockpicking. But if you have 55 Speech, you can convince the Wins to give you the code for the safe. The speciality of this gun is its ammo capacity of 60. While it uses the relatively weak 9mm ammo, this gun can be a true beast because of its fire rate and ammo count. Plus it looks cool.

SleepyTyme (Gun Runners’ Arsenal)

SleepyTyme is a unique 10mm submachine gun with a silencer and an extended magazine. While it doesn’t have many features that are remarkable, the added silencer makes it a stellar weapon choice for stealth situations. Also, its fire rate and damage are higher than the common variant, of course. You can buy this gun from the Gun Runners’ Arsenal Vendortron, as any other GRA weapon. The Damage Per Second of Vance’s 9mm Submachine gun is actually one point higher than that of SleepyTyme. If you’re an SMG enthusiast, you can use both, as they use different ammunition. Both of these submachine guns can be used to quickly kill many enemies if you set up ways to quickly select the firearms one after the other.