The beta of Splitgate has been shutdown for +24 Hours due to the large number of active players

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Splitgate has had a fantastic run in recent days, so much so that 1047 Games was forced to stop its beta owing to the massive inflow of gamers yesterday.

As a result of its surprising popularity, Splitgate has acquired a significant number of titles. The game, which was created by 1047 Games and launched for PC in 2019, is now accessible in beta on the PlayStation Store and the Microsoft Store. Despite the fact that it is an FPS that has mostly gone unnoticed, it appears that its combination of playability and aspects found in Halo and Portal has caught the curiosity of many console players. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

A massive success from this small dev studio

Following these final days of round-the-clock success, the team found itself in the need to shut down Splitgate‘s beta servers on July 22nd. It’s incredible how many times developers thought about it before doing it, but because to the large number of people who have signed up for the game, the small team of only four engineers felt obligated to execute it.

1047 Games notified all of its users yesterday evening, at midnight, through the game’s official Twitter account, that they “have decided to take the beta offline for tonight”. Due to the difficulties caused, the team will award “5 drops as a token” as a mark of appreciation for the situation.

Due to the popularity of the game, problems began when 65,536 users registered in the game, which was the maximum capacity of the game’s servers. The team is in this situation since the game’s optimizations were not perfect, and they never imagined reaching these numbers so quickly.

They were causing a number of issues with the connection of the games, which was resulting in a poor gaming experience, just what one does not want to achieve in a beta phase. The team said through Twitter that they will be working today to reactivate the beta as soon as possible.

You can see 1047 Games’ passion for Splitgate, despite the fact that this terrible scenario has occurred while their game was experiencing a boom that they could not have predicted, fans on Twitter who have played the beta of the game have offered encouraging comments and encouragement not to despair.

All of this is due to the fact that the beta has made such a positive impact on PS4, PS5, and Microsoft Store customers that, thanks to the development team’s transparency with what is going on, they have no issue waiting a little longer to continue playing.

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