The Case of the Golden Idol will appear at Steam Next Fest

The Case of the Golden Idol

The 90s inspired point and click adventure game, The Case of the Golden Idol, is looking forward to getting lots of fans at the Steam Next Fest.

The Steam Next Fest is coming up this fall, and there will be numerous developers attending and participating in the online event that Valve will have from October 1 to October 7. Today, the indie studio Color Gray Games announced that its title, The Case of Golden Idol, will be one of the games available during the event.

A retro point and click adventure with a new spin

The game is an attempt to provide a realistic sense of what it must be like to be a detective, which only a few games, such as Her Story and Return of Obra Dinn, have been able to do. The Case of the Golden Idol is set in the 18th century, and you use a unique drag-and-drop evidence mechanism to piece together facts and reconstruct the events of strange deaths. The game is brought to life by mixing the pixel art aesthetics of early 90s PC point-and-click adventure games with late 90s 3D generated cinematic graphics.

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The Case of the Golden Idol is intended for players that like solving mysteries at their own speed, without time constraints or reaction-based gameplay, but it also provides very little hand-holding. The players solve each scenario by developing hypotheses about what happened there and modifying them when more information comes to light, and the scenarios eventually reveal a bigger overall narrative.

The Case of the Golden Idol does not yet have a confirmed release date, but the developers have stated that it will be available in the not-too-distant future. If you’re interested in the game, you may save it to your Steam wishlist and play it in the demo that will be available at the Steam Next Fest.

Watch the game trailer here on Game Freaks 365.

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