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The classic Sega Saturn Panzer Dragoon series is coming to VR

Panzer Dragoon VR

Fans of Panzer Dragoon have been largely left out in the cold for much of the last couple of decades. That’s about to change with a new VR game.

Japanese developer Wildman is creating a virtual reality version of Panzer Dragoon called Panzer Dragoon Voyage Record. This is in addition to the remake of the first game that was announced for the Nintendo Switch at E3 2019.

Panzer Dragoon Voyage Record is being described as a “dramatic shooter.” Players will get to relive moments from three Sega Saturn classics: Panzer Dragoon, Panzer Dragoon II Zwei, and Panzer Dragoon Saga.

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The game obviously features updated graphics. Players will experience the game in first-person, and it has been optimized specifically for VR headsets. Platforms and a specific launch date will be set later.