The Company Man launches on Nintendo Switch

The Company Man

Destroy every single co-worker on your path to the top of the company in this action platformer.

The publisher Leoful and Forust, a Malaysian independent studio, have announced the Switch release of The Company Man, a game we’ve previously discussed on Game Freaks 365. In this action platformer based on the TV show The Office, you’ll have only one goal: to go to the top of the organization, no matter what it takes.

In The Company Man, you take on the role of Jim, a new hire at the Good Water Company. Jim is uneasy at work; his job is monotonous and repetitious, and he believes he is entitled to more. Jim decides to make a change at work and sets out to overthrow his boss and become CEO, but his coworkers stand in his way.

Make your way through this adventure to the top

To battle your bad coworkers, use a strong keyboard to send email assaults at them, sprint and leap across all departments from HR to Marketing, power up with coffee beans, and show them who will be the company’s new leader.

The Company Man

Explore a range of stunning hand-painted locations, improve your keyboard after conquering a new department, test yourself in underground dungeons where Jim must fight off wave after wave of coworkers, and eventually become the Good Water Company’s CEO.

The Company Man is available digitally on Nintendo Switch on January 21. In the Asian market, the game will be available in a physical version beginning January 26. Hopefully, the physical edition of the game will eventually launch in the US as well, but that is not yet confirmed.

Watch the game trailer down below!

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