The Conduit Review

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Developer: High Voltage Publisher: Sega
Release Date: June 23, 2009 Available On: Wii

The biggest Wii release coming from Sega is without a doubt The Conduit. Due to be release on June 23, 2009, The Conduit is a First Person Shooter for the Wii from the Chicago suburb based High Voltage Software. I got a chance to play this highly anticipated FPS at High Voltage’s E3 booth. Is The Conduit all that it has been made out to be?

The Conduit is placed in a world under attack by aliens. The game takes place in Washington D.C. and the level that I played on the show floor was a mix of both street combat as well as building combat. If you have ever played Metroid Prime 3 for the Wii, you have a pretty good idea of what a Wii FPS feels like. The Conduit is pretty similar in the way that it is controlled as well as the superb graphics.

The demo had a decent amount of enemies on the screen at once with minimal slow down. Since it is only a few weeks away from release, the game is completed and what we got to play was a finished product. It certainly is no Killzone 2 in terms of production value, but it stands up well against most other games on the Wii. Of course gameplay is the main concern and The Conduit does not disappoint.

After releasing MadWorld earlier this year, Sega will be on a roll with their Wii releases once The Conduit hits stores later this month. With 12 player online multi-player, The Conduit is sure to leap ahead of its competitors on the system as the most played online FPS. I look forward to playing The Conduit’s full retail release and so should you. A midsummer blockbuster is what is called for on the Wii.

Written by Kyle

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