The Creepiest Details in Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar Games is famous for including twisted secrets in its games. These are the creepiest details in Red Dead Redemption 2.

The Strange Man

Players may remember this otherworldly man from the first Red Dead Redemption game. In it, he proves himself to be as strange as his name implies. There was a side mission associated with him but it ended with no explanation for who or what he is. We can only speculate. In Red Dead Redemption 2, you don’t encounter him directly; but he surely exists within the game world. At a shack in the Bayou, you can find a portrait of the Strange Man. On the first visit, the portrait will be an incomplete painting. But on the second visit, it will resemble him fully. The creepiest part of this secret comes next: if you take a look in the mirror in the shack, you will see the Strange Man behind you. But if you turn around, he will not be there.

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The Vampire of Saint Denis

There are mysterious writings on the walls of Saint Denis and if you pay attention to details and inspect them all, you can meet this vampire. The locations of the vampire will reveal after you find all the said wall writings. When you encounter him, he will give you a chance to walk away. But if you don’t he will attack you. He will kill you with one hit if you aren’t quick enough with your gun. The look of this vampire is very creepy and if you’re a fan of old movies, you may have noticed his similarity to Count Orlok from the classic movie Nosferatu. That movie is more than a hundred years old now because it was released in 1922. This vampire is an easter egg and a reference to Nosferatu.

Gertrude Braithwaite

You can find Gertrude Braithwaite locked in an outhouse in the estate of the Braithwaite family. She’s psychotic and attempts to attack the player, but fails. She blabbers incoherently and says things that don’t make any sense. Gertrude is deformed and insane, and we can speculate that it’s the reason for her imprisonment. The cause of her deformity and insanity is explained by the fanbase as the result of incestuous relationships in the Braithwaite family. Because she disdains the family’s name, they locked her up. But it’s not her fault at all.

I said that what she says is incoherent sometimes and the words you can make out don’t mean anything. But there are implications that suggest what she’s saying is actually something that makes a lot of sense. And that her case is a lot more twisted and disturbing than it seems…

The Giant Snake

The Creepiest Details in Red Dead Redemption 2

Not far from the village of Pleasance, you will find this Giant Serpent hanging from a tree. It’s fortunately dead, but its size strikes fear into players’ hearts still. Every snake other than this thing in Red Dead Redemption 2 is really small. Even by the standards of real-life snakes, this thing is abnormally huge. There is no explanation of its origins or how it died in the game. But some players believe that this is either a reference to the python in The Jungle Book or that it’s a reference to the snake from the Garden of Eden in the Bible.


The Creepiest Details in Red Dead Redemption 2

Pleasance is the ironically named village that’s not far from the Bayou. This village might be related to the Giant Snake we discussed above… There are no inhabitants in the village when you visit it. Many doors of the town are shut tight, and there are messages that warn you not to go inside them because of the ‘plague’ and ‘sinners’. The church of this village doesn’t have a cross and that leads players to believe that the villagers were Satanists. Because how the Giant Snake also references the Bible, and in it the snake is Satanic, players believe that the village and the snake are connected.

Possibly, other people came and killed the villagers because they were sinners, and that may be why the village is empty and eerie when we visit it.