The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR demonstrates pure psychological terror

Accompanying the launch of the PlayStation VR2 will come a game that plans to scare the crap out of gamers.

With the launch of PlayStation VR2, Horizon Call of the Mountain has been the game that has taken all the attention. In fact, many gamers think that only this game will be released with PlayStation VR2, but the team at Supermassive Games has been working hard on a project that plans to surprise the VR horror genre. It’s called The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR.

The studio is bringing a continuation to The Dark Pictures Anthology saga that will take the scares to the next level with Switchback VR. A game designed to the millimeter to give psychological terror to all those who put on the PlayStation VR2. And to understand more about the approach of the game, today they have shared a gameplay trailer that is terrifying!

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A horror game that is betting very strong

Supermassive Games is already well-known in the horror genre. Its series, The Dark Pictures Anthology seeks to mark a milestone in the genre’s history. But, although the games have been doing well, they have not yet been able to be a multi-award winner. But, surprisingly, with the arrival of the PlayStation VR2, they have seen a great opportunity!

The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR demonstrates pure psychological terror

With the advanced VR technologies presented by the new PlayStation peripheral, developers have many more tools to use. Therefore, Supermassive Games did not hesitate for a second to make a horror game where there is psychological terror, jumpscares, gore, and lots of fun.

Although it is difficult to explain in words what they really want to achieve with Switchback VR, they have found a perfect way to do it: A gameplay trailer. The whole adventure will be based on rails. Unlike many current VR horror games, here we will follow the path that the developers planned for us. And, in this gameplay trailer, we will be able to see different scenes, aspects, and much more of this striking and promising title.

Also, if that isn’t enough, the game will use eye-tracking technology. Technology that will not only measure the scares but will shape the gameplay to make it even more terrifying for those players who are really having the wrong time. On February 22, we will learn if Supermassive Games will achieve its goal with Switchback VR

Check out the gameplay trailer for The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR below!