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The deadly assassin Glimpse arrives in Rogue Company

Glimpse Rogue Company

Take a Glimpse at Rogue Company’s new rogue, a silent killer.

Rogue Company, Hi-Rez’s battle royale, has gotten a new addition. Glimpse is an assassin who, thanks to her new camouflage function, will go unseen on the battlefield. The development team unveiled her today.

Glimpse is a brand-new assassin designed to fit the needs of many Rogue Company players who like stealth and surprise strikes. This warrior aspires to be a full-fledged killing machine, which is why she hopes to seduce the battle royale battlefields of Hi-Rez with her new gadget, Pop Smoke Grenade, her Camouflage ability, and her passive Sleight.

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In addition, Hi-Rez has revealed the next map accessible in Rogue Company, in addition to the advent of Glimpse with the next game update. Meltdown is divided into two sections: a research facility in the crater of an erupting volcano and the frozen tundra that surrounds it. From February, when it is released as a free update for everyone, we will be able to battle in it.

Last but not least, the game’s development team has said that in terms of aesthetics, 2022 will be a terrific year for the game. Hi-Rez, as they did with Smite, is keeping a number of partnerships for Rogue Company under wraps, which we will learn about over the course of the year.

Glimpse and the new map Meltdown arrived today in Rogue Company. The game is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via the Epic Games Store.

Watch the reveal trailer of Glimpse down below!