The Elder Scrolls Online will let players on Google Stadia transfer accounts to PC

The Elder Scrolls Online players on Google Stadia can transfer their accounts to PC

Bethesda is allowing The Elder Scrolls Online players to transfer their accounts from Google Stadia to PC.

The Google Stadia shutdown is impacting gamers far and wide. Some gamers stand to lose nearly 6,000 hours of progress due to the Stadia shutdown, leading some to ask companies for options to transfer their game saves and progress to their PC.

For its part and to its credit, Bethesda has heard what its fans want. The company is delivering the option to transfer accounts and all game progress from Stadia to the PC version.

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Bethesda released the following statement:

Since the news of Stadia shutting down, Bethesda Softworks and ZeniMax Online Studios have been discussing the next steps for our Elder Scrolls Online Stadia players. We appreciate your patience.

We are happy to share that our Stadia players will be able to transfer their ESO accounts to PC, bringing them all of their progress, including but not limited to existing characters, purchased items, achievements, and inventory. Since Stadia players already play ESO on our PC servers, all of their friends and guilds will be waiting for them once they complete the transfer.

We will have more information on how to do this soon. So please stay tuned.

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