Sonic Prime 2nd Season
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The first episode of the second season of Sonic Prime is free on YouTube

Follow the stories of Sonic the Hedgehog once again in the second season of this surprising production

We have talked a lot about the Sonic the Hedgehog movies; however, we have talked very little about Sonic Prime. This production, made in partnership with Netflix, has managed to capture the attention of fans of the games little by little. Many would even agree that the first season is better than the movies.

That is why Netflix has not hesitated to continue betting on this series and has therefore made an unusual move as a streaming company. Thanks to the premiere of the second season of Sonic Prime, fans now have the opportunity to watch the first chapter for free on YouTube!

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A completely free episode!

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Sonic Prime is an animated series based on the popular video game character created by Sega. The series premiered in February 2021 and has 24 episodes divided into two seasons. The first season was a hit among Sonic fans and received good reviews for its animation, humor, and fidelity to the blue hedgehog’s universe.

Therefore, the premiere of the second season on July 4 has managed to attract many viewers. In this season, Sonic will have to deal with new challenges and threats, both in his world and in other dimensions. And what better way to get a sneak peek of the story than with the first episode totally free on YouTube by Netflix’s After School channel.

Sonic Prime is a production of Sega, WildBrain Studios, and Man of Action Entertainment, the creators of Ben 10 and Big Hero 6. However, it also features behind-the-scenes Netflix involvement. The series is directed by Ian Flynn, the lead screenwriter of the Sonic comics, and has the creative supervision of Takashi Iizuka, the head of Sonic Team.

If you’re a Sonic fan or you like action-adventure animated series, don’t miss the opportunity to watch the first episode of Sonic Prime Season 2 for free on YouTube. And if you’re left wanting more, you can subscribe to Netflix to watch the rest of the episodes.

Watch the first episode for free down below!