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The Game Factory announces Legend of the Dragon for Wii

The Game Factory today announces it is publishing the forthcoming 3D fighting title, Legend of the Dragon, for Nintendo’s Wii. The game is due for release in Q2 2007. Legend of the Dragon for Nintendo Wii will be the publisher’s first release for the recently-launched next-generation video game system, based on the hugely popular show currently airing on JETIX. “We are thrilled to be publishing for the Wii,” said Henrik Mathiasen, Game Factory’s President. “While the Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 next-gen consoles have really captured the imagination of the more mature gamer, at Game Factory we’re really excited about the potential impact Wii will have on the children’s market, as this is obviously our forte.”

The Legend of the Dragon story begins against the backdrop of China’s sacred temples and just as a new Golden Dragon is selected. The Golden Dragon is the honorable title given to the chosen warrior set to fight the evil Zodiac Master, Woo Yin. Each of the 12 Chinese zodiac signs has its own temple protected by a guardian; all guardians have individual powers unique to their zodiac symbol to help them defend their temple. The Zodiac Master – Woo Yin – plans to capture these powers; with them he will be unstoppable in his fight for the dark side to reign over China.

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