The Good Life is a debt repayment RPG

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The Good Life

The Good Life will provide you with an interesting and strange experience that will keep you captivated till the finish. The developers describe it as a “debt repayment RPG.”

The Good Life, a new game developed by White Owls and Grounding Inc. in partnership with Playism, is now available on PC and platforms.

Solve the enigma of the town

The Good Life is a life simulation RPG adventure in which you play as writer Naomi Hayward, who has recently relocated from New York to the little English village of Rainy Woods. Naomi is drowning in debt, so it’s time for her to begin snapping at her new job as a photographer at The Morning Bell newspaper, where she’s been entrusted with solving an enigma that turns the villagers into cats and dogs at night.

It’s not only racing around town with the cats and dogs—Naomi also needs to generate enough money to survive and pay off her obligations. Take photographs of Rainy Woods for the press and keep an eye on the popular new social media site “Flamingo” to do this. If you take good or popular photographs, you might be able to make enough money to live in this place.

A town full of paws and claws

When you play as a cat, you may leap and climb all around town to explore; when you play as a dog, you can use your keen sense of scent to track down the town’s inhabitants. Consider your talents carefully in order to assist in the resolution of the many mysteries and occurrences you will encounter.

If you want to achieve, you must step outside of your comfort zone. There is a big, vast world out there. Explore the town to broaden your mobility, explore significant sites, participate in a variety of activities, and uncover shrines and camps. Explore Rainy Woods by interacting with everything around you.

The Good Life is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.

Watch The Good Life trailer down below!