The Half-Life remake Black Mesa is finally finished

Black Mesa has morphed from a fan project to a full-fledged standalone PC game. Eight years after its release as a Half-Life 2 mod, the remake of the original Half-Life is now officially out.

If you’ve been following this project since the beginning – like me – then you probably already know that it started as a humble fan-made mod. The mod was available for free, and it did so well that Valve eventually greenlit a commercial release.

The standalone game – which does not require Half-Life 2 to play – first became available in Steam Early Access back in 2015. Now, developer Crowbar Collective has taken the game out of Early Access and released version 1.0. More updates are planned, including various tweaks, but it’s now a “finished” product with an official launch.

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Black Mesa is available exclusively via Steam for $19.99. Its launch comes just a couple weeks before Half-Life: Alyx. Also, Half-Life games are free to play right now.

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  1. Well, I just “finished” Black Mesa and I have to say I’m impressed! The game is not only improved in terms of graphics, but the voice lines have been remade and this is really a new game consisting mostly of new textures with a few points pulled from HL2. Cheatland has full commands of Black Mesa

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