The Importance of the First Boss in Elden Ring

In this article, we will be discussing the importance of the first boss in Elden Ring: Margit the Fell Omen. While he is technically an optional Great Enemy, I doubt that many players had any other major boss as their first in the game. I won’t discuss the lore of the Omen or delve deep into Margit’s true persona in this article. That deserves an article of its own. Be sure to read our Elden Ring lore articles.

Why Margit is important

Foul tarnished, in search of the Elden Ring. Emboldened by the flame of ambition. Someone must extinguish thy flame. Let it be Margit the Fell.

Let’s look at this from a gameplay perspective. At the time of your arrival in front of the gates of the Stormveil Castle, you are still weak. Before you explore your first Legacy Dungeon, this Great Enemy stands between you and the castle. It’s a very rare occasion where a player could kill him in the first encounter because he’s incredibly strong. There have been many players who actually ditched the game because of him. Many of those could be new players to the Souls-like games.

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I’ve talked about in another article how perseverance is a main theme of Elden Ring. Margit’s importance lies in the fact that you must persevere in order to defeat him. I could say that he’s a judge of your skill. He’s there to see if you’re worthy. In this, he is similar to Iudex Gundyr from Dark Souls III. The name Iudex Gundyr means the one who judges you (roughly). Margit is a very important boss because he lets the player know how unforgiving this game will be. And claiming the throne would be a task fit for only the most persistent.

Iudex Gundyr is similar to Margit, because he too, judges the player to see if they’re worthy.

When you finally defeat him, he says the following:

I shall remember thee, Tarnished. Smouldering with thy meagre flame. Cower in Fear. Of the Night. The hands of the Fell Omen shall brook thee no quarter.

This refers to our next topic of discussion.

Night’s Cavalry

The Importance of the First Boss in Elden Ring

The Night’s Cavalry, who now wander the dim roads at night, was led by the Fell Omen and were deliverers of death for great warriors, knights, and champions.

The hands of the Fell Omen are the imposing Night’s Cavalry enemies. They ride atop massive mounts whose appearance is as dark as their master. And as their intimidating names imply, they dress as black as the night.

Notice how the description of the Night’s Cavalry says they are the deliverers of death for great warriors, knights, and champions. That of course refers to you in this situation. When you get Margit’s health bar to 60%, he will say the following.

Well, thou art of passing skill. Warrior blood must truly run in thy veins, Tarnished.

He acknowledges the Tarnished as skilled. Margit realizes that this particular Tarnished isn’t just another man hoping to claim the throne. He is skilled, indeed. Now you might understand why the Night’s Cavalry are your enemies. They are the hunters of champions. Of mighty warriors. In its own right, it’s an honor for the Night’s Cavalry to be your enemies. We could speculate that Margit actually held a degree of respect for the Tarnished.

In my opinion, Margit, or rather, Morgott is one of the reasons why the Tarnished ended up being so powerful. The Omen King was a great obstacle to the Tarnished. And that clashing against that obstacle was one of the reasons why the Tarnished achieved greatness.