The indie, A Juggler’s Tale, arrives on September 29

A Juggler's Tale

Help Abby achieve true freedom in this grimm fairytale world.

Kaleidoscube, an indie german studio, in collaboration with the publisher Mixtvision revealed a new trailer of their upcoming 2.5D side scrolling adventure, A Juggler’s Tale. A Juggler’s Tale is a string-based puzzle platformer presented as a puppet show called Abby.

Puzzles and more Puzzles.

Inspired by German puppet theater, players must use the unique string-based control scheme to solve puzzles, avoid danger, and assist marionette Abby in achieving complete freedom – no strings attached.

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“This has been an ambitious project from the beginning – also because we developed the game during our studies,” says Dominik Schön, Game Designer of A Juggler’s Tale and co-founder of kaleidoscube.

“But thanks to the hard work of everyone on the small team, we are hopeful we were able to realize those ambitions and that players will experience the game just as we first imagined it. It’s a very nice feeling.” He added.

Help Abby live by avoiding traps, avoiding hazards, and ultimately fighting the pull of the strings themselves in a somewhat gloomy yet optimistic adventure that examines the true meaning of freedom. On September 29, A Juggler’s Tale will be released on PC.

Watch the game’ release date trailer here on Game Freaks 365.

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