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The Kickstarter page for the indie colorful action roguelike, I’m not jelly, will be available this fall

I'm Not Jelly

I’m Not Jelly will be the 7th game from the indie Mexican Studio, 1 Simple Game.

1 Simple Game, a Mexican indie studio, has chosen Thursday, October 14 as the starting date for their next Kickstarter campaign for I’m Not Jelly. In I’m Not Jelly, you must conquer other planets in combat with a hack and slash struggle against opposing plants in roguelike missions.

A colorfully violent Action Roguelike.

I'm Not Jelly

To fulfill goals and fight strong monsters, you must utilize your mother ship to unlock, enhance, and customize Jelly characters. The objective of our campaign, 1 Simple Game, is to gather enough cash to finish developing an action roguelike.

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I’m Not Jelly will be the first game from the Mexican firm to be released on mobile devices and the PC. If you’re interested in the title, you may follow the game’s Kickstarter to stay up to date on its progress or to support the project.

Watch the teaser of the game down below.

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