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The Last of Us cast and creators talk about violence in the HBO TV series

Also, of course, they talk about all the humor behind the scenes.

Chapter 8 of The Last of Us series premiered Sunday on HBO Max. As expected, it was a total success. Surprisingly, it managed to answer one of the strongest criticisms that have been made of this adaptation: The lack of violence compared to the games.

But, to give a little more context, the cast and creators of the series have posted a video on YouTube talking a little more about it. They have delved into the subject and explained certain points that solve many of the community’s questions. And, as usual, Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey explain the behind-the-scenes humor.

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The big difference in violence between video games and TV

HBO’s The Last of Us is proving to be a great show. Naughty Dog together with the HBO production team took the project seriously and are surprising more and more with each episode. And, they have managed to create one of the most faithful video game adaptations to the original work that has come out to date. Many die-hard fans of The Last of Us are completely blown away by the series.

But, like everything in life, there are always negatives. Or, this is what a large part of the game’s community has seen. If we remember The Last of Us (the video game) we can conclude that there is a lot more action in general. Be it infected, fighting, or shooting, among other things. But, Craig Mazin has managed to explain correctly why the series lacks so many violent scenes in the last Creator to Creator in Sony’s new YouTube video.

As Craig Mazin, one of the minds behind this great success, says, violence in a TV series works differently: “When you’re playing a video game, the NPCs, they’re a fun gameplay puzzle to solve… And violence is part of the method of that. But in a television show, if we were constantly mowing people down… and you’re just watching it, it becomes a bit numbing,” he said.

An unusual solution that worked perfectly

The solution they found to this problem was to approach violence from another point of view. They decided to choose specific scenes that highlight the violence of this post-apocalyptic world without having to overuse it. And, so far, they have succeeded excellently.

In addition, they achieve a balance between violence and the natural humor that arises after a situation of tension or nervousness that humanizes the series. The viewers can get an idea of the level of violence or danger, even without being so explicit. Without a doubt, hats off to HBO for doing this incredible job. And, although there are still chapters left of this first season, we look forward to the arrival of the second season.

Check out the new Creator to Creator shared by Sony on YouTube below!