The Last of Us HBO Original
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The Last of Us HBO series’ first episode is over an hour long

The Last of Us HBO Original

It’s one of the longest first episodes ever produced by HBO.

The Last of Us HBO series hasn’t even come out yet and it’s already breaking the internet – from sneak peeks and photos of the filming to trailers of the series. This new adaptation by HBO is projected to be one of the best made in recent years. As such, HBO is looking to offer fans of The Last of Us video game something very special.

HBO has confirmed that the first episode of The Last of Us is over an hour long. In fact, the first episode will last longer than many of the films that HBO has on its subscription platform HBO Max.

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A long first episode, new variants of infected and more details

Something that gamers saw as unfeasible was to concentrate the entire story of the game in a single series. This problem has been one of the many challenges that HBO has encountered in the production of The Last of Us. That is why it has aroused curiosity about the length of the episodes. HBO has already confirmed that the first episode of the series will last 85 minutes!

That’s 85 minutes where they will perfectly introduce the great story of the game to all viewers. And with good reason, they have taken this decision since many new elements will be added to the story. One of these is the new infected variants. New variants will explain their origin in the history of the series.

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In addition, as if that were not enough, new fragments of the story that never took place in the game will be introduced in the series. Naughty Dogs has taken the decision to give more details about the story behind Bill and Frank. An entire episode will be dedicated to developing the plot between these two characters. A decision was taken after feedback from fans of the game.

Although it may seem exaggerated to many, The Last of Us is a masterpiece of video games. To see that Naughty Dogs and HBO have taken the trouble to portray even the smallest details is to be appreciated. Hopefully, the final work will live up to the expectations we all have. The HBO Original “The Last of US” will arrive on January 16.

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