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The Last of Us multiplayer game delayed

Naughty Dog has released a statement that has stirred up the TLOU community a bit.

Fans of PlayStation consoles and Naughty Dog games are eager to know more details about the multiplayer of The Last of Us. It’s a sort of spin-off of the successful franchise that immerses us in a post-apocalyptic world full of dangers and thrills. However, the developer has announced that it needs more time to complete this ambitious project and that it is working on a new game.

Last Friday, Naughty Dog issued a statement via Twitter apologizing for not showing anything about multiplayer at the recent PlayStation Showcase. The company assured that it is “incredibly proud” of the work done so far, but that it has realized that “the best thing for the game is to give it more time.” In addition to dropping a bombshell that could mean a new IP from the developer.

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A delay with a hint of cancellation

Since The Last of Us Part II, multiplayer has been a long-awaited game mode for gamers. That’s even more so with the online factions mode that was already present in the original game, which offered a cooperative and competitive experience in the same game universe. However, the second part did not include this option, which generated some disappointment among fans.

Almost a year ago, Naughty Dog promised that The Last of Us multiplayer would be a “new experience” within the franchise. In addition, it is considered “the most ambitious project” they have done to date. According to some rumors and official data, it would be a standalone game and not an add-on to TLOU Part II. In addition, it would have open-world and survival elements.

However, Naughty Dog announced via Twitter that this new The Last of Us universe multiplayer will be delayed. In addition to apologizing to players and fans, they explain that this decision is in favor of delivering a better result. But, if we recall, at the time of announcing TLOU Part II, the developer was also working on another hidden project.

This hidden project, which to this day very little information is known, was announced that it was scaled back for unknown reasons. This is why many gamers, after Naughty Dog’s announcement, fear that the multiplayer project will also have the same future. But we will have to wait a while before drawing any conclusions of this magnitude.

A new IP?

But multiplayer isn’t the only thing Naughty Dog is working on. The developer has also revealed that it is creating a new single-player game! But, beyond sharing that information, they haven’t given any more details regarding the project. There is speculation that it could be a new installment of Uncharted. However, after some statements made by Neil Druckmann months ago, the studio could be working on a new IP.

It is clear that Naughty Dog is not resting on its laurels and is still committed to offering quality games with powerful stories. It is very bad news to know that the project has suffered a delay. Fans will have to be patient and wait for the developer to share more information about both projects.