The Last of Us Part I patch 1.03 adds new content based on the HBO series

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Plus, many changes in the gunplay arrive in the remake of this incredible game!

Are you a fan of The Last of Us? Do you love both the game and the upcoming HBO series? Then you’ll be happy to know that Naughty Dog has just released a new update. The Last of Us Part I patch 1.03 on PS5 adds some cool stuff and fixes some issues.

If you are living under a rock, The Last of Us Part I is one of the best games ever made, and also one of the most played by fans. That’s why many were excited when they dropped a remake version for the PS5 that would look and run better. But, let’s not talk about the PC version… Although, Naughty Dog has not stopped there and has dropped something special for PS5 players. Want to know more? Keep reading and we’ll tell you everything!

New modified weapons, new changes in characters, and t-shirts from the HBO series

The new update (patch 1.03) adds more content to The Last of Us Part I. But the most amazing thing is the new shirts that you can wear in the game, based on the HBO series. That’s right. Now you can dress Ellie as Bella Ramsey from The Last of Us HBO Series. You can find these shirts in the game’s options menu, and you can change them whenever you feel like it.

Besides, Naughty Dog added a bunch of changes in many weapons of the game.  Rifles now use impact sweep physics instead of projectiles. The pump shotgun’s rate of fire is also increased, and melee attacks with two-handed weapons will kill stunned enemies. In addition, infected can now be stunned when using certain melee weapons.

Added to this, it has recently been updated to adjust the aim sensitivity slider from 1-10 to 1-100. Thus, players who want a more exciting adventure will enjoy each of these changes.

However, that’s not all! The companion characters are also more useful in general, as they throw bricks and save Joel from enemy grabs more frequently. Something that fans have been asking for since the game’s launch on PS5. And finally, technical and graphical changes have been added to offer a better gaming experience. If you haven’t played TLOU Part I yet, it’s time to give it a try with all these new changes added by Naughty Dog!