The Last of Us Part I PC launch is a disaster

Hundreds of bugs, overheated PCs, and even many burned PCs arrived before the game’s first hotfix.

After the premiere of The Last of Us HBO series, the hype for the game’s arrival on PC was sky-high. In fact, on the first day of release, there were more than 30k simultaneous players on Steam. But, 80% of these users may not have played more than 15 minutes because of how poorly optimized it is. Needless to say, The Last of Us Part I PC launch has been a flop

Social media networks are filled with photos of PCs shutting down, blue screens, and even burned power supplies. So Naughty Dog has had to work urgently to release a hotfix that could make The Last of Us Part I playable. There’s a hotfix that they have announced today but that has not solved the problems at all!

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The Last of Us Part I PC launch is a total disaster

In the last few years, we have seen games that have been horribly optimized at launch. CyberPunk 2077 is perhaps the most notorious case. However, beyond the visual and technical bugs, players could still play the game without any problems on their PC. But, the launch of The Last of Us Part I has been completely meaningless.

After much anticipation for the release of The Last of Us Part I, gamers have been disappointed. Despite the good port that followed the arrival of God of War on PC, the same cannot be said for TLOU. Not even 5 minutes had passed and many players were already announcing problems with the port. But we are not talking about the typical visual bug (in which there are too many) or a technical bug that goes through the map (in which there are also too many).

This port of The Last of Us Part I is unplayable. As previously commented, CyberPunk 2077 beyond all the problems, is still playable. However, the port of TLOU Part I is unplayable for most users. In addition, the default game set both the graphics and the processor to 100%. As a result, we have seen on social networks both blue screens and shutdowns due to overheating.

A hot fix that aims to fix

Seeing this problem, Naughty Dog has worked urgently to release a hot fix. This hot fix was mainly focused on improving the stability and performance of the game. Although many players have achieved an improvement, many others have not experienced it.

It seems that most of these changes have worked only on those players who have high performance PCs. There are still many players who are facing the problems that have been seen since the launch of the game.

However, all is not lost. Naughty Dog, in addition to this hotfix, has announced that many more updates are coming in the next few days. Their goal? To offer a much better performance than what has been seen on PlayStation 5. And we hope it will be!

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