The Last of Us Part I Photo Mode Tips

The Last of Us Part I Photo Mode Tips

The Last of Us Part I comes with a powerful Photo Mode tool. Here are some tips to get the most out of it.

Naughty Dog just released its remake of The Last of Us. Although the gameplay and story are the main draws, the Photo Mode provides players with an opportunity to see just how much work went into making The Last of Us Part I look fantastic.

Here are some Photo Mode tips from Ryan Chan, the Senior Cinematographer at Naughty Dog:

Oftentimes, having a strong subject in your frame is a good way to get a strong photo. Here, we’re using the leading lines of the buildings and a strong backlit silhouette to draw focus to Joel as he balances along a plank. I also love using a more vertical frame like Film 2 to accentuate the tallness of the buildings, and using the Vintage filter to add a filmic look to match the frame.

Capturing an action shot can be tough when trying to pause on that perfect moment. But Frame Forward is a great feature that allows you go frame by frame to help nail that ideal shot, whether it’s a lightning strike illuminating the sky or Joel stealthily taking out an infected. Adding Tilt is also a great way to add drama and tension to a photo by skewing the frame, and using a filter like Noir can help as well, by pushing the contrast and making the lighting feel even more dynamic.

The Last of Us Part I is filled with beautiful environments and lighting. To capture your own landscape photos, using the Hide Characters feature under the Filter tab is perfect for removing any distracting subjects and making the level art the focus of your frame. Pressing R3 will toggle the Grid – a visual representation of what’s commonly known as the “Rule of Thirds.” Placing points of interest – such as an abandoned truck – along the grid lines or intersections, is a simple and surefire way to create appealing, balanced compositions.

The Last of Us remake, known as The Last of Us Part I, is out now on PlayStation 5. You can buy it on Amazon.

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