The Last of Us Part II surpasses 10 million copies sold

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The Last of Us Part II surpasses 10 million copies sold milestone

The Last of Us Part 2 was a major hit, surprising absolutely no one.

In the last decade, there have been very influential developers in video games. Bethesda and From Software are some of these, although one in particular has managed to stand out more than the rest: Naughty Dog. It’s a developer that none of its titles in this last decade the reviews have fallen below 8.

This has been demonstrated in their latest title, The Last of Us Part II. This title has been the return of one of its most important franchises. The long-awaited return of Joel and Ellie has achieved incredible sales numbers. This is why they have dedicated a space during the Summer Game Fest to celebrate another historic milestone: 10 million units sold of The Last of Us Part II.

A historic milestone for Naughty Dog

The Last of Us Part II is without a doubt a masterpiece. It’s a much more mature work that takes issues, considered sensitive in today’s society, without losing its essence. Although the fans of the first title had the bar set very high, Naughty Dog delivered. The abrupt twists in the plot, the inclusion of new characters, a very well-thought-out story; these and many more are the reasons why many consider this title one of the best games released in the last five years.

Although the game came at a difficult time for PlayStation consoles, it was not an impediment in terms of sales. That’s why Neil Druckmann took time out of the Summer Game Fest broadcast to praise his masterpiece, and show off all the new things to come from the franchise. A great way to start was by talking about another historic sales milestone for Naughty Dog. Previously, they had already notified when The Last of Us part II reached 4 million units sold in just three days.

This time they are celebrating a figure that’s more than double that. The Last of Us part II, since its release in June 2020, has amassed more than 10 million copies sold. So important has this milestone been for the developer, that Arne Meyer, the Vice President of Naughty Dog, has made a tweet celebrating the milestone.

Have you already forgotten the multiplayer mode of TLOU Part II?

Despite rumors and half-hearted confirmations, The Last of Us part II‘s multiplayer mode has not been shown to date. Naughty Dog has been working on this for a while now. Even here at Game Freaks 365 we shared when the developer was looking for new talent to join the development team for this multiplayer.

The Last of Us part II 10 million sold copies

Despite this, it has been a piece of information that has been passed under the table. Consequently, many gamers were not aware that this multiplayer mode was in the works; or, in many cases, had simply forgotten about it. After all, there was no word for a long time.

But, to that end, our friend Neil Druckmann has commented at the Summer Game Fest that this mode is still under development. In fact, he says, that the multiplayer could arrive as a separate game and would be very loosely associated with the main plot of TLOU Part II.

The Last of Us Part I Remake

The Last of Us part II 10 million sold copies

Something that has gone beyond the rumor barrier, and we have been able to see, is the remake of The Last of Us (it is getting marketed as The Last of Us Part I). A day before its official presentation during the Summer Game Fest, Sony “accidentally” leaked the two versions of the remaster in its store.

Still, the excitement for many fans at the time of its official announcement outweighed the anger over its leak a day earlier. This remastered version of The Last of Us was made from scratch with the engine of The Last of Us Part II. Although the original title has aged very well and the Remastered version came out only years ago, Naughty Dog has made this remake anyway (undoubtedly seeing the Benjamins). It also serves as perfect marketing for the HBO series The Last of Us, which finished filming yesterday.

The graphical leap in this version is also remarkable. The number of details, scenery elements, and deleted scenes from the first title seemingly make this remake justifiable. Of course, for many players and important people in the industry, it is an unnecessary remake.

Regardless, the remake is getting released on September 2, 2022 on PS5. Pre-orders are already open. However, it is not exclusive to Sony’s console. The game will arrive later for PC as well, but no date was confirmed.

Watch the announcement trailer for The Last of Us Part I Remake below!