The Most Annoying Characters in Skyrim

Skyrim is home to many people. Some are good, others, not so much. These are the most annoying characters in Skyrim that we can’t help but torment. By torment, I mean attempting to attack or even dispatch these dumb NPCs just because they’re so annoying.


The Most Annoying Characters in Skyrim

Do you get to the Cloud District very often? I do, very often. That makes you a regular visitor of the Cloud District as well, fellow Dragonborn. But Nazeem’s sheer ignorance seems to make him unable to recognize the most powerful and most important character of the province. He shows an obvious lack of respect for the Dragonborn and other people of the city.

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In fact, he isn’t well-liked, to say the least. Even his own wife disses him. It’s clear that they aren’t having the best relationship. I mean, I can’t blame the wife for anything because Nazeem is a top-tier annoyance. In any case, I’m sure you and I get the Cloud district more often than this ignorant Redguard does. Also, he’s a non-essential NPC, so you can, shall we say, put an end to his disrespect once and for all.


The Most Annoying Characters in Skyrim

This crazy zealot’s name translates to “foolish/silly” in the old Norse language. That’s enough to tell how much of an annoying idiot he is. From morning to night, he literally screams about Talos in front of the Talos Shrine in Whiterun. I’m guessing that many other good townsfolk also find his apparently-psychotic rantings to be annoying. To be honest, I can’t really blame the Thalmor for hunting down people like this. It’s obvious that he’s blind with faith.


The Most Annoying Characters in Skyrim

Oh, Cicero. Fellow’s completely out of it, as we’ll all know very well as we progress the Dark Brotherhood storyline. I mean, it’d be out of place if a group of murderers didn’t have a psycho at their side, but Cicero is not that cool of a psychopath. He’s annoying not only to us but others in the organization as well. The way he talks and acts is very loud and goofy. He serves little purpose in terms of usefulness.


The Most Annoying Characters in Skyrim

Taarie is one of the proprietors of Radiant Raiment in Solitude. This rather luxurious clothing store has a good stock of well-crafted outfits. It’s clear on the first meeting that Taarie isn’t much on customer service. I mean, I’d think that insulting potential customers at first glance doesn’t make for a lot of business. As the Dragonborn, our outfits are quite rugged and don’t really suit diplomatic business, in all honesty. But a person who actually cares for their customers would point out the facts in a more graceful manner. It’s clear that Taarie possesses a level of disdain for people that don’t wear outfits bought from her shop.


“What’re you lookin’ at? I’m not afraid of you, ya know. Even if you are my elder.”

That’s a line you’ll often hear from this kid. You got to admit that it’s pretty bold, saying a man in full Dragonbone armor doesn’t scare one, but that doesn’t keep her from being an annoying brat. But I, for one, am sympathetic to the child. There are a couple of reasons for the behavior and I will explain them later in a lore article. Stay tuned.


Jaree-Ra is an Argonian treasure hunter who’ll try to scam the Dragonborn. That doesn’t end well, as you’d expect. This guy is a douche through and through. Both he and his sister are thieves that will jump at the chance to rob anyone worth robbing. With his silver tongue, this reptile offers the Dragonborn to organize a robbery of a ship. In the end, he ends up being a pathetic betrayer.

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