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The No Man’s Sky Origins update is out today

No Man's Sky Origins update

Fans of the procedurally-generated exploration-survival game No Man’s Sky can download a new update today that adds a bunch of new content.

According to our friends at Kotaku, the Origins update adds:

New lighting conditions, new colors, new creatures, new weather. Planets with alien infestations. Swamps and marshlands. Massive alien buildings reaching into the sky, filled with stories of ancient civilizations. Gravitational shifts. Volcanoes. Lightning. Rogue robots. Holy hell the Origins update for No Man’s Sky is massive. I am completely overwhelmed by the patch notes. Basically, Hello Games has completely refreshed the universe. More variety, more aliens, more danger, more excitement.

It’s not just more stuff, it’s also higher quality stuff. More details, like clouds gathering and darkening during storms. They’ve upgraded the “Ultra” graphics setting on PC, allowing for more detail at a greater distance.

No Man’s Sky saw its first update of the year back in February. The Living Ship update added a new starship, new missions, and more. In April, a new update added massive mechs. The game came to Xbox Game Pass in May.

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Check out a trailer for the new update below!