The original Doom looks amazing with ray-tracing

The original Doom looks amazing with ray-tracing

A modder has added ray-tracing to the original Doom.

The original Doom has never looked so good. That’s thanks to modder sultim-t, who has added ray-tracing to the PrBoom source port of Doom. The mod currently supports the classic game’s first three episodes. The impact is dramatic, giving the retro shooter some extremely impressive modern lighting.

Doom was originally released in 1993 for MS-DOS. The first episode of the game was one of the most popular PC games of the ’90s thanks to the fact that you could download it for free as shareware. It’s estimated that upwards of 20 million people downloaded the game in its first two years.

Despite its age, the classic has stayed relevant almost 30 years later thanks to a thriving mod community. Want to try the ray-tracing mod for yourself? Here’s how you can do it, according to Kotaku:

Installing this new ray-tracing mod for Doom is fairly simple. You’ll need an original Doom.wad file to run this, which considering how old and cheap the game is, you likely already have one kicking around somewhere on your computer. Then you just download the mod for PrBoom, a modern Doom source port and you are off the races.

Watch Doom with the ray-tracing mod below!

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